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The most frequently asked questions about be2

What is free at be2, what do I have to pay for?

You can take our personality test and create your own profile totally free of charge. You will also receive an assessment of your personality test along with a list of partner recommendations who really match your personality. If we have managed to convince you, you can choose from several different Premium Membership programs which offer you an array of advantages: You can read and write messages to other users and also view their pictures. Also, you stay anonymous as long as you want. Your Premium Membership is renewed automatically after the time period chosen by you. However, you can cancel the automatic renewal any time you like; the cancellation period is 14 days, if not specified otherwise when buying. With our success guarantee, which applies to memberships of three months and longer, we guarantee you that you will establish contact with at least 10 of our partner recommendations. If this is not the case, we will prolong your membership free of charge.

Can I change my profile information at any point?

You can change some of your personal data (such as hobbies, personal values etc.), and the data about the partner your are seeking (e.g. distance, language) on your be2 member page ("My Matches/Advanced search"). However, you cannot change any of the answers you gave concerning your personality. Our test can create your personality profile best when your answers are spontaneous and honest. Changing the result of the test later will make your profile less accurate. We want to make sure that all our users can rely on the information provided by their partner recommendations. If there is a factual issue you would like to address, please email our Customer Service team.

Where can I change the search criteria for the partner I am seeking?

You can change your personal information on your be2 member page. First you login on the be2 home page with your username and password. Click onto "My search" and make your changes. Do not forget to save your changes at the end of the questionnaire.

How can I contact other members of be2?

By clicking on your partner recommendation's username, you can view their profile. You will also find the option to write a message. Members without Premium Membership can send one free text message to each partner recommendation. Premium Members are able to write an unlimited number of free text messages and read the messages sent to them.

How does the success guarantee work?

We promise all paying Premium Members contact with a minimum of 10 partner recommendations. If you have exchanged personal messages with less than 10 different be2 members in the duration of your paid Premium Membership, upon cancellation at least 14 days prior to expiration, we will extend your Premium Membership free of charge*. Please use the contact form to inform us when you want to claim the success guarantee.

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